Floriography Book Cover
Floriography Baby's Breath Sample Page
Floriography Jasmine Sample Page
Floriography Marigold Sample Page
Floriography A Bouquet For Marriage Sample Page
Floriography A Bouquet For Bitter Ends Sample Page


  • a charming, gorgeously illustrated botanical encyclopedia
  • floriography is a full-color guide to the historical uses and secret meanings behind an impressive array of flowers and herbs.
  • the book explores the coded significances associated with various blooms, from flowers for a lover to flowers for an enemy. the language of flowers was historically used as a means of secret communication. it soared in popularity during the 19th century, especially in Victorian England and the U.S., when proper etiquette discouraged open displays of emotion.
  • mysterious and playful, the language of flowers has roots in everything from the characteristics of the plant to its presence in folklore and history.
  • researched and illustrated by popular artist Jessica Roux, this book makes a stunning display piece, conversation-starter, or thoughtful gift.

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